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What Does "Shop Indie" Mean?

We've all heard of an "indie" record label or an "indie" film, but you might not yet recognize another "indie" revolution, "shopping indie." 

The Internet, search engines, Google, PayPal, Ebay, and so many other online tools are opening the doors to the indie small business revolution. Designers and small business entrepreneurs not affiliated with the mega-bucks of global corporations and huge established brand names like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Tiffany, and Bloomingdale's are fighting for your shopping dollars. 

In America, with the culture of showing support for the "little guy," a new breed of shoppers has emerged. The "indie shopper." These kind hearted souls want products with impeccable quality, fashion sense, unique flair, and a dash of sass. Indie shoppers support the gusto of independent small business, benefit from the convenience of online shopping, and take pride knowing their purchase made our day. And, they know their purchase is not supporting the abuse of slave labor.

Shopping "indie" means your purchase is helping your neighbor, your sister, your friend from school, very hard working, extremely talented people. People who work insanely long hours, and only get paid if you like their work enough to buy it. 

Join the revolution. Shop indie. Shop Buckaroo Style.

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