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Tee Pee Frequently Asked Questions

We worked very hard to find a children’s product that would fit all the requirements we were after. The designer of these tee pees, kept the following things at the top of the list: Safety, Quality and Beauty of Design. They use only high quality drapery fabrics and the poles are made from durable PVC, which isn’t heavy and won’t splinter or break like wood. These materials together make a surprisingly light tee pee! This was one of the main goals in designing our tee pee. We wanted safety above all else and we love to see that they are light enough for even a young child to move all by themselves! These tee pees have been tested and re-tested by the designer's own children (5 between them!) and we are so proud of the finished product. They even come FULLY assembled! And they set up and store away just as easily…in just seconds! Most importantly, children love them and it is priceless to see them use their imaginations! The possibilities of pretend play are endless!

These tee pees are a handcrafted, heirloom quality product that can last a child many years. How many other toys can carry a child from the toddler years through the tweens? And the beautiful, colorful fabrics will help make it a memorable part of any child’s play time for years to come. High quality fabrics and materials and production in the hands of caring professionals. If this is the kind of specialty product you are looking for you have come to the right place!

How big are the tee pees?
Poles are 78" long and when set up tee pee is approx. 5.5 ft tall and 5 ft wide on each of the four sides.

Are they hard to set up?
No Assembly! Even a small child can set up a tee pee! They only weigh 9 lbs the set up is as simple as 1,2, 3.

1. Open Package (tee pees are shipped in double poly bags)

2. Spread poles out

3. Have fun! (when you are done it collapses like an umbrella so you can store in the corner, closet or under the bed)

What age group is the tee pee for?
The tee pees are for ages toddler to tween! Tee Pees are fun for' Kids at Heart' too! Playing with children is a great way to become a kid again. Watching children at play and remembering what brought you joy as a kid is always a good thing!

What are the tee pees used for?
The possibilities are endless with a child's imagination! Our tee pees not only create many happy childhood memories but can help foster creative play. Creative play has been shown to help children build social skills and confidence and helps improve Problem-Solving skills.

Where is my tee pee made?
Your tee pee is handcrafted in Atlanta, GA by a group of wonderful caring professionals. Our heirloom quality tee pees will be enjoyed for many years to come.

How do I take care of my tee pee?
Indoor tee pees are made with high quality drapery fabric therefore spot cleaning or dry-cleaning is recommended.

Why is a Tee Pee for Me tee pee special?
Your tee pee has been Mom Created! Lori and Leslie (mothers of 5!) worked many evenings after their children were tucked in bed to make sure you had a tee pee that a Mom
(and Dad too) would truly appreciate!

No Assembly, Lightweight, Safe and beautiful designer fabrics that are pleasing to the eye. These tee pees are definitely Kid Tested and 
Mother Approved! US Patent Pending! 

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