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What is a Giclee? (Click here to find out more)

Production of Your Fine Art Giclee 
Our standard photo painting is professionally created using the Giclee printing method of spraying the ink on canvas. The subtle texture on a bright white cotton canvas (20 mil) yields great color saturation and contrast. Our product is professionally prepared with a UV sealant to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and colorful display in your home. Theoretically, your photo painting could last 100 or more years of indoor use.

You may request your photo painting on a gloss canvas. It is a bright white, cotton canvas (19 mil; 350 g/m), with a primed satin finish. A special resin coating holds the inks with high clarity. Images are brilliant and well saturated.

When we refer to a "stretched" or "stretched and mounted" print, we are referring to a canvas print in which the canvas is secured to a wooden framework called stretcher strips. The advantage to stretching a print is that it adds support to the canvas so that it will not buckle or bend. It also prevents accidental creasing when handling. If you prefer your painting to be canvas only, not stretched, not mounted, please email us at the time you place your order. We can provide canvas-only paintings, with a white border, ready for you to take to your local frame shop.

When we stretch a print we secure the canvas with staples on the back.  We use only sap-free, kiln-dried wood for all of our stretcher strips. They are precision-cut with the most modern equipment available to ensure that every one assembled will have perfectly square corners.


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Slice From: "Teeny, Tiny, Baby Blooms Bring Joy" Giclee
Exclusive Giclee Art on Canvas by Michelle Hamilton 2005


Everything is so soft and pretty, even the light reflects off the leaves with a gentle kiss of sunshine on the soft, tiny blossoms.

Museum quality fine art Giclee on matte canvas, stretched and mounted, ready to hang and display.

View this Giclee in Full, Glorious Detail

size: 30"w x 20"h
price: $180.00
style # 02330
shipping: Included



The Artist's Inspiration
In those quiet moments when I can sit outside, I am always amazed by the beauty of nature. Thoughts dart around from the intricate details, repetitive forms, glorious colors, and the genius of each creation. Some call it transcendental, others, the glory of God. I see and feel all these things and try to capture what I can with my camera, to remember the moment. For fun, I play with these images on my computer and morph the photograph into a digital painting suitable for framing and stylish display in the home. My hope with the photo paintings is to provide customers with a jaw-dropping gorgeous original piece of artwork to allow appreciation of nature for a few peaceful moments every day, even if they never venture outdoors.


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"A Tale of Two Honey Bees" Giclee
A Tale of Two Honey Bees

"Luscious Lilac Lovelies Linger Long" Giclee
Luscious Lilac Lovelies
Linger Long

"Rock Rose Allure of Exquisite Charm" Giclee
Rock Rose Allure
of Exquisite Charm

"Austin, Texas Skies are Big and Bright" Giclee
Austin, Texas Skies
Are Big and Bright

"Hot Pink in the City" Giclee
Hot Pink in the CIty

"Cotton Candy Eye Candy" Giclee
Cotton Candy
Eye Candy

"Open Sesame" Giclee
Open Sesame

"Pinky, Pinky, Pinky, Girly, Girly, Girly" Giclee
Pinky, Pinky, Pinky.
Girly, Girly, Girly.

"Mexican Sage Flourishes Against Warm Brick" Giclee
Mexican Sage Flourishes
Against Warm Brick

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