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Montana 4 Piece Crib Set
Exclusive Crib Bedding and Accessories by bebe chic

Home sweet home on the range. Vibrant large patches of color adorn the outside of this bumper in Villa Berry, Villa Sage, Tussah Hyacinth and Tussah Gold. Inside mini patches top our Harley Garnet plaid and is piped with Alexa Strawberry. A comfy denim sheet lies over an eight-pleat dust ruffle with oversized buttons. The windowpane blanket has a generous four-color border surrounding Harley and reverses to a soft flannel.

This amazing style is also available for twin size bedding and Stokki sleepi crib sets.

All Bebe Chic accessories are available for this set. All Bebe Chic bedding and accessories are custom made to order. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges Policy at it pertains to handcrafted items by bebe chic.

One piece with two layers of firm batting for safety

  • Inside - Half Split with Mini Patches of textured, ribbed Villa Berry, Villa Sage, Tussah Hyacinth and Tussah Gold on top with Harley Garnet Plaid on bottom half
  • Outside - Large Patches of all fabrics used in Mini Patch
  • Inside Piping - Textured, ribbed Tussah Hyacinth
  • Top Piping - Alexa Strawberry check
  • Ties - Top and bottom in Harley Plaid

Dust Ruffle

  • Box pleat with 3 Pleats on long sides and a 14 Drop
  • Main Fabric - Harley Plaid
  • Buttons - Denim
  • Sheet - Cotton, Denim
  • Blanket - 36x 42 Windowpane with soft flannel back
  • Main Fabric - Harley Plaid

    Alternating panels in textured, ribbed Tussah Gold and Tussah Hyacinth and Villa Berry and Villa Sage


Mobile - ONLY AVAILABLE WITH PURCHASE OF 3 OR 4 PIECE CRIB SET. Sorry, we can not sell the mobile as a stand alone piece.
Price $103.50

Montana - Ball Pillow
Price $67.50

Montana - Blanket
Price $117.00

Montana - Bumper
Price $288.00

Montana - Diaper Stacker
Price $90.00

Montana - Dust Ruffle
Price $241.20

Montana - Lamp Shade
8 1/2" Bottom, 8" Tall, 5" Wide
Price $90.00

Montana - Sheet
Price $46.80

Montana - Toy Bag
Price $90.00

Montana - Valance
54" wide Harley Garnet Plaid. 17" drop including a 3" rod pocket, white lined back.
Price $99.00


Montana - Harley Garnet Plaid Fabric
54" Wide
Price $30.60

Montana - Villa Berry Fabric
54" Wide
Price $30.60

Montana - Villa Sage Fabric
54" Wide
Price $30.60

Montana - Tussah Hyacinth Fabric
54" Wide
Price $50.40

Montana - Tussah Gold Fabric
54" Wide
Price $50.40

Montana - Denim Fabric
60" Wide
Price $30.60

Montana - Alexa Strawberry Check 
Fabric 54" Wide 
Price $30.60

Montana by Bebe Chic - Fabric Swatch
Includes $5 gift certificate towards future purchase
Price $5.00

4 Piece Crib Set

Original Price: $650.00
Your Price: $585.00


Crib Blanket
Fitted Crib Sheet
Dust Ruffle

price: $585.00
style # BCMo
shipping: free!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery time.


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